“We are rendering degrees useless in Ghana” – Captain Smart

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Host of “Anadwo Gya” on Smart TV, Blessed Godsbrain Smart, has said degrees are being rendered useless in Ghana, considering the spiraling rate of graduate unemployment in country which is becoming alarming.

He says the situation has led to many youth adopting various means to survive after completing university, making them settle for anything undeserving.

He noted that, the lack of jobs in the country make many parents apprehensive when their wards are graduating because, they end up becoming a burden to them.

His comments stem from a video of EIB’s Nana Aba Anamoah and a graduate who washes vehicles at a washing bay due to lack of job.

According to the young graduate, all avenues to secure employment has been applied but to no avail.

Another trending video on social media of a graduate selling birth loaf (boffrot) in suit was part of the reasons for his comments.

“We are rendering degrees useless in Ghana. Parents now fear when their children are completing school because they finish and become burden to them.

“The state has stolen from the young men (the one washing vehicles and the boffrot seller). The state has killed them, taken their future, because the state was supposed to provide them job. Now they feel useless. And you want to tell me the graduate selling boffrot is being innovative? Tell the children of the Ministers and MPs to sell boffrot with their degrees”

“If the father or any of his parents was an MP, a Minister or former Minister, would he have washed cars? We live in a country where only two out of 10 graduates get employment. If you cannot protect the youth today, forget about the future” — adding that, meritocracy doesn’t work anymore, making ‘protocol’ the order of the day.

“In Ghana now, if a youth needs a job and doesn’t have protocol, he should forget. If you’re a lady, many managers will sleep with you before you’ll be employed and after that, they will maltreat you if you deny them further advances on you,” he noted with Ghanasonline.com keenly monitoring.

Attributing the situation to poor leadership, he cited Malaysia’s graduate employment and the efforts their president is putting in place as a cue for Ghanaian leaders to sit up.

“On 24th December 2020, just last year, Malaysia president, first of all apologised that 7 out of 10 graduates get jobs after school and promised to reduce it the following month. April 30, 2021, in a space of just four months, the president has reduced the unemployment rate from 7% to 2%. Ghana youth, listen to me, if we are not careful, we’ll become useless until the word useless itself becomes nothing”, he revealed.

Providing some statistics on African graduate unemployment, he revealed that, “In Zambia even though they’re the leading producer of cobalt in the world, Nigeria, Togo and Mali, only 1 out of 10 graduates get employment after graduating. In Ivory Coast, it is 3 out of 10 and in Ghana, 2 out of 10.”

This he said is a problem that needs to be tackled before things get out of hand in Africa.

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